How do you beat the heat?

Many people with Multiple Sclerosis suffer from heat sensitivity. Heat can actually cause symptoms of MS to temporarily worsen, recreating old flare ups! Doctors believe this is because the increase in body temperature causes the damaged nerves to fire even less effectively. Similarly, when someone with MS get's a fever from an infection they can... Continue Reading →

Birthday Weekend: Day 1

First things first, today marks the completion of my first week of Glatiramer Acetate injections. It was also a rough injection day. Maybe I wasn't paying as much attention to what I was doing because 'hey, this is my third time doing this in five days. I'm an old pro at this right?' No, I... Continue Reading →

First Injection Day: √

Today was the big day, injection training! For those of you who have read my blog before you know that I was recently diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). Since my diagnosis I have had a lot to wrap my mind around. As someone who suffers from some pretty intense anxiety to begin with,... Continue Reading →

Happy with a headache…

I have a headache. It's funny, for someone who has a disease that affects my brain I don't, and never have, had a lot of headaches. Growing up I can probably count on one hand the number of times I remember having a headache. Starting about two years ago I started getting periods of time... Continue Reading →

That old white couch

Growing up, on our street, on any given night, you could look in through our front window and you would see a familiar sight.   That old couch was not just any couch of white. It was really something more. It was a time machine, a passageway, a secret wardrobe door   Just ask my... Continue Reading →


Today started out as a very frustrating day. I spent hours on the phone with different pharmacists, nurses and representatives of the MS helpline trying to get my first at home nurse visit set up, where I will learn to give myself my injections of Glatiramer acetate  (the generic form of Copaxone). There were many questions,... Continue Reading →

The Tides of Life

The Future is a silly thing She dances in and out of view Once you think you know   what she’s to bring She’ll leap and switch it up on you.   Her very best friend, I speak of Fate, Is strange and wise and full of truth Though many minds obsess   and fixate He’ll only... Continue Reading →

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